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A DeFi specialist who enjoys numerical and economic incentives analysis. Transitioned to web3 after 10+years working as a web2 engineer. His first foray into web3 was winning top 1 ($15k in bounties) in a smart contracts hackathon and then later on securing a project grant to write a contract for Compound III. Shifted to web3 security and in ~3 months achieved the following milestones:

  • Top 2 in 1st C4 audit contest payout - $6.3k bounty; 1 solo High, 5 Highs, and 3 Mediums

  • Top 5 in 2nd C4 audit contest payout- $9.4k bounty; 1 solo Medium, 1 High

  • Top 6 in C4 60-day Leaderboard

  • Passed Spearbit Technical Exercise

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