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Achievements & Experience:

Previous trading system software engineer, currently a solidity Smart contract auditor. Successfully identified 27 high-severity bugs, discovered 1 unique high finding and 70 medium-severity bugs with 2 unique medium findings on Code4rena competitive auditing.

Conducted in-depth smart contract audits for Sherlock, achieving recognition as a top 10% Senior Auditor, Senior Watson / lead judge in Sherlock competitive auditing platform.

Discovered high-severity bugs in Immunefi and continuously improved security skills by studying various auditing reports, further enhancing expertise in the field and secure web3 space.

Successfully secured some of the largest web3 protocols, such as The Graph protocol and the Optimism Layer 2 blockchain, and established a strong foundation for web3 projects.


  1. NFTs

  2. GameFi

  3. Cross-chain protocols

  4. contract interoperability bugs

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