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Senior Auditor

Coming from a traditional security background, MiloTruck took the blockchain security space by storm in 2023 by winning several consecutive contests. He splits his time between Trust Security, Renascence Labs, Spearbit, Immunefi and C4, where he's also a respectable judge.


  • Understanding systems in-depth to discover deep underlying bugs with a focus on logical flaws

  • Effective reporting with well-written PoCs


  • Governance/DAO protocols

  • NFT protocols

  • Staking protocols

  • GameFi

  • GMX integrations


  • 1st in LUKSO contest on Code4rena

  • 1st in Lens Protocol V2 contest on Code4rena

  • 1st in Arbitrum Security Council Election System contest on Code4rena

  • 1st in Chainlink Staking v0.2 contest on Code4rena

  • 1st in Stakewise V3 contest on Hats Finance

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