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Head of Audits


  • 8 Yrs of traditional security research background

    • Elite military units

    • IoT security firm - publicly releasing CVEs and exploits in world's most popular routers, chipsets and IoT devices

    • Mobile security - finding and exploiting multiple iOS 0-days for the leading mobile-hacking firm

  • Best C4 contest run ever (ten 1st place finishes for $200K+ in 22Q4)

  • Prolific Immunefi bounty-hunter (10+ Crit/High, mostly public, $250K+ since August)

  • Judge and community leadership in C4

  • Led Optimism Sherlock contest w/ Zach Obront for 1st place and $213k

  • Led 10+ private audits since January under Trust Security


  1. Marketplaces

  2. Cross-chain protocols and L2s

  3. Derivatives

  4. Randomness / VRF integration

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