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Cybersecurity Experience

Independent blockchain security researcher

Securing the future of the internet and finance

Exploiting blockchains and smart contracts on Immunefi and Code4rena

iOS Vulnerability Researcher @ NSO

2.5 Yrs of mobile vulnerability research

  • Extensive iOS userspace vulnerability research

  • Safari, sandbox & 0-click

  • Novel mitigation bypasses

  • Custom state of the art fuzzing infrastructure

  • Part of the renowed NSO 0-click kill chain

Security Researcher @ Dojo Labs

1 Yr of IoT Vulnerability research

  • Found numerous vulnerabilities in leading consumer IoT devices, routers and chipsets.

  • Displayed Amazon doorbell hijacking on stage @ MWC 2019

  • Performed internal security audits and found RCE on Dojo platform

R&D Engineer @ 8200

4.5 Yrs of offensive research, development & operations

Developing top-end nation state offensive abilities

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